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No Device Is Too Old – No Technology Is Too Complicated

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We specialize in restoring all kinds of smart phones, tablets, iPads, MacBook, and game consoles repair services at a reasonable price.

We have the experience, knowledge, and proper tools to offer quality repair services.  You name the problem, we have the solution.  We are comfortable in saying, “If you can’t get your device repaired anywhere else, try us.”  We specialize in mother board repair at IC Chip levels which means chances of successful repair are at 90% than other companies.  Give us a chance, you’ll be surprised.


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We Fix Everything

We can assure you that we have seen it all! From smartphones that have been crushed by a fall, to laptops spilled with coffee; we are prepared to face much more that comes our way with the assurance that all fault will duly be taken care of.  To achieve this, we have a team of highly experienced technicians and we maintain and encourage an environment of constant learning.  Therefore, no device is too old or new, and no technology is too complicated.  Get your gadget working perfectly again.

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Why Us ?

With over 15 years of knowledge, experience, and changes in technology; we have seen it all and fixed it all.  We specialize in mother board repairs at IC Chip levels.  Electronics repair can be very expensive therefore, we guarantee low prices and will match local or nationwide competitor pricing. We have mastered techniques of tracing the problem which leads to either micro or macro repairs.  Correct diagnosis without speculations is very critical in repairing anything, let alone electronics.  After effect of speculations are unnecessary repairs, damage, cost, and possibly lost customers. 

Phones and tablets these days are high-priced due to its demand.  It has almost become a necessity in this modern, high-tech world.  Our devices contain great memories in pictures/videos, messages, important documents and more.  Repairing these devices can possibly save your data and the cost of buying a new device.  We place ourselves in the customers’ footing and feel their pain and urgency for repair.